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Lolita Bbs

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:48:08 -0700From: bawdy pen Subject: DON'T TELL MOM (M/t t/t oral rimming) DON'T TELL MOM by bawdypen The two high school guys were naked--making it on Bud'ssmall bed. Bud had been hot for Danny Parks for a long time andwould always brazenly check him out in the showers when schoolwas still in, causing the kid to blush and start raising Lolita Bbs abone. Then he started whispering hints to him. When he wasn'tangrily put down, Bud persisted. Now, he'd finally coaxed himinto making it with another guy. Parks had ridden home withBud--he only lived on the next block. They'd fiddled in eachother's crotches in the car, and Bud was so frantic he whippedthe guy's pants down as soon as they entered the bedroom andcrouched to suck his cock and lick his balls. Danny gasped,instantly rigid.Now they were stripped and 69ing with Danny on top. He wasavidly sucking on Bud's thick cock while pumping his own randy7-incher down his friend's throat."Well, what the fuck's this?" came from the doorway.Immediately, the boys moved apart and scrambled to cover up."Uh, Dave...uh, we weren't doing anything! Honest!"Danny was frightened, but gave Bud an incredulous look.What a stupid thing to say. It was quite apparent what theywere doing.Bud's stepfather stood there in his boxer shorts withhis hands on his hips and glared. "Tell me another one,cocksucker!""Oh...okay, you caught us. You won't tell Mom will you?Please!"Danny was bending to grab his clothes. Dave walked up andput his foot on them."Hold on there, Sparky. Hey, you're the kid that lives onthe next block, right? Parks. I know your old man. Whew, he'ssure gonna like this!""Oh, God!" Danny buried his head in his hands."P-please, Dave," Bud pleaded, making no move to dress,"can't we make some kinda deal?""Ah, buy my silence, hunh? Hmmm. Well, maybe. Ain't no skinoffa my balls if you eat pricks. Sure would upset your mom. Andyou," he looked at Parks, "my telling your old man might changeour friendship. Teller of bad tales and all that. Don't muchwant that to happen." He stood there, contemplating. The boysremained hopefully silent. "Alright, tell you what. Go back towhat you were doing and let me watch.""WHAT?!!" Danny gasped. He turned to Bud, who looked backwith his mouth hanging open."Yeah, might be interesting. I always wondered what twofags really Lolita Bbs did with each other. You can forget I'm here and goahead and get your rocks off like you were doing. Yeah, that'sthe deal."Danny looked at Bud, waiting for a cry of complaint. ButBud merely cocked his head and looked back questioningly."Maybe that's best, Danny. That way we can still get it on andkeep his mouth shut, too." He reached over Lolita Bbs and began to strokethe guy's cock. He grabbed Danny's hand and put it back on hisown rising cock.Danny gasped and took a deep breath. As alarmed as he was,the feel of another boy's dick was too much to resist. Besides,he figured, he couldn't think of any other way out of thismess."Good!" Dave clapped his hands. "Now get back in theposition you were in. I wanna see some more of that action."They scooted back on the bed and maneuvered themselves asthey had been. It didn't take long for them to totally forgetthe quiet man's presence. Finally, while Danny was going crazyover Bud's cock in his mouth, he caught a quick glimpse fromthe side. All he could see was the man's hand working on ahuge, hard prick in his shorts. He had a raging hardon whilewatching him suck his stepson's cock! He felt rather appre-hensive that the man might pull it out and force him to blowhim. Fear, but not quite fear. More Lolita Bbs because of the size sincehe was definitely enjoying Bud's tasty cock. But then hecouldn't see him any more.Dave walked back behind them, watching Bud getting fuckedin the mouth with long, slow strokes. He stood right againstthe bed...his crotch directly over Bud's face. Parting thematerial along his thigh, he let his cock spring out and hoverthere in the boy's line of sight. He took hold of it and verysensuously stroked the monster, looking down at his stepson'seyes with a breathless, lusty grin.Bud looked up and winked. Then he began to caress Danny'ssmooth, white bottom. With the fantastic tan lines he'dacquired this summer, it was a beautiful sight. He fondledthose cheeks, continually pulling them apart more each time toexpose Danny's hairy, moist hole...finally just holding itspread like that.Without actually touching it, the man bent his face andnose down there and sniffed the boy's asshole. Over and over hebreathed in the hot, spicy aroma. It was deliciously pungent.Dave figured the kid had probably shit a couple times since hislast shower. It was clean to look at it, but whooie, did itever smell good!Danny Parks was so involved with the dick he was sucking,and enjoying his friend's talented lips on his own throbbingcock, that he wasn't aware of anything amiss for a long time.Then he felt the man's breath on his moist hole. Slowing downand straining his eyes, he could finally make out the unmis-takable sound of someone sniffing. There was only one person itcould be. What the hell? The thought excited him, though, andhe impudently jerked his butt back until he hit the man's nose!Having that smelly, soft flesh bang against him hard enoughto nearly impale his nose, Dave went for broke. He grabbed thebuttocks himself, and crammed his nose against the kid'srubbery anus, rubbing it around and smelling it up good--tryingto push inside!Danny Parks was too hot to care. If the man wanted to smellhis shithole it was okay with him. Weird, but okay. He washardly prepared for what happened next. Dave began to lap hiscrack up and down, frantically slurping to lick up the moisttraces of sweat and cheesy crud the boy had accumulated downthere.Danny began to suck harder on Bud's prick, nearly taking itdown his throat as well as the other boy. His cock was ready toexplode, and he wanted his friend to blast off at the sametime. Bud was ready. He'd come the moment he felt that warmcream blast in his mouth. That didn't take long. Within secondsafter Dave began to piledrive his tongue up inside his rectumand lick him out, Danny shot violently! The feeling wasincredible, and he gladly gulped down the enormous spurts ofthick cum that Bud kept shooting over and over.Dave continued to eat out the sweet asshole until the boysfinally fell to the side in exhaustion. Then he walked acrossthe room and stood there smiling. He dropped his shorts andsettled back in an easy chair--spreading his legs and holdingup his massive prick.Danny gasped as Bud jumped from the bed and immediatelyknelt between the man's legs and reached for the cock. Then,without any sign of embarrassment whatsoever, he proceeded togive his stepfather a fantastic blowjob!"AW, FUCK!" Dave cried, throwing his head back. "SUCK THATMUTHER, BABY. DAMN, YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE HOTTEST BLOW-JOBS. WORKME OVER REAL GOOD, YOU SLUTTY COCKSUCKER!" He grabbed Bud bythe ears and began to fuck his mouth. He looked over at theastonished Danny Parks."You got a real tasty asshole, kid. Might even be the best-smelling one I ever sniffed. Real cheesy!" Danny blushed. "Youwanna come over and get a taste of this? No? Ever licked agrown man's balls? No? Well, at least come here and lemme suckyour prick for you."Hesitantly, the kid got off the bed and walked toward them.His cock was rising again. He stopped when Lolita Bbs he was near theman's shoulder. "Y-you guys set this up, didn't you?" heaccused without anger."Yep. Usually works, too. If they don't run out, regardlessof my threats of exposure, I always get at least a nice tasteof asshole. You oughta try it some time when you get up thenerve. Bud's got a fat craphole that's just made for suckingon!" He reached out and grabbed Danny's boner, urging it intohis mouth."Jeez, you guys do this all the time?!" he Lolita Bbs asked, pushingforward, enjoying the man's talent.Bud took his mouth off the huge cock for a moment. "Wait'llI tell you which guys in our class have done what here. You'llbe amazed!"That whole idea soon had Danny spurting into Dave's mouth.Gulping down the kid's second load of sweet teenage jizz, heflooded Bud's mouth with his own more seasoned hot manly spermwhile Lolita Bbs Bud squirted a hefty load that ran down the man's leg.Guess who licked that up!Comments appreciated...please mention story name.bawdypenhotmail.com
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